Our story starts in 2020.  Everyone has a 2020 story, and ours might sound a bit like yours.  

When the world shutdown in March 2020, our first thought was, great!  Finally, we'd get a few days to catch up on our To-Do list without feeling guilty that we were either taking a vacation day or ignoring our 4 year-old daughter.  It took about two weeks for us to realize we weren't just getting a few days to tackle that list.  We got six months.  Six months!!!  

Soon I found myself going stir crazy as our job and family schedules had always been go-go-go. And so my solution was to learn new things.  Cooking classes, baking classes.  Dragged the husband to virtual painting classes, cocktail classes.  There's the Facebook Master Class series.  Full disclosure, it wasn't just the quarantine.  I think we were also trying not to think about a January diagnoses of  reoccurrence of my thyroid cancer.

We did a few life check-ins.  We still liked our jobs?  Yes.  We still liked our location and life plans?  Yep.   Were we still happily married? Yes!  So the classes continued and eventually, I found myself diving head into soap making and soaper community.  

I was drawn to the ability of picking my ingredients, my scents, the colors, the design.  Everything about soaping seemed interesting.  I even learned to appreciate the chemistry and all of that math! 

So here we are!  Two years later and I'm sharing my quarantine passion with you.   As you continue to check in and enjoy your quarantine hobbies and passions, I hope you consider making my passion--soaps-- a part of your post-quarantine self care.  




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